A love that gives hope

Happy Mother's Day! Mothers love us in a way that is is very focused, particular and sacrificial. It is a love that fills us with hope, especially when things are difficult. This is the kind of love and care Jesus shows his followers in today's Gospel (John 14:1-12), part of his "farewell discourse" which is like his last will and testament to us.

Leading like the Good Shepherd

Happy Good Shepherd Sunday! Rather than leaders who are out to enrich themselves, Jesus shows us that true leadership involves sacrificing ourselves so that others may have life (John 10:1-10). All baptized are challenged to live this way. We pray in a particular way today for vocations to priesthood and consecrated life where this call is expressed in a beautiful way.

Going to the margins

Pope Francis has emphasized our need to "go to the margins". Our mission of evangelization should start with those in most need. We see this in Philip's interaction with the Ethiopian eunuch in today's first reading (Acts 8:26-40). In evangelizing the Ethiopian, Philip makes the outsider a part of the community.