The power of generosity

 2 Sunday Lent, year B

The story of Abraham in the first reading (Gen 22) as well as the Gospel (Mk 9:2-10), show us how God can take our generosity and sacrifices and transform them into something remarkable.

Feast of the Transfiguration - Wikipedia

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We are being made new

1 Sunday Lent (year B)

Since sin entered the world, God has been planning to make all things new. The flood was a part of this plan (Gen 9:8-15). With Christ, humanity is created afresh, given new hearts to love and serve God (Mk 1:12-15). Lent is a time to remember that we are being made new. This project begun at baptism and continues with God's grace and our cooperation.

Christ in the Desert - Wikipedia

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Lion King and Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday 2024

In the Lion King, Simba needed to relearn his deepest identity in order to follow his mission. Lent, likewise, is a time for us to reconsider our core identity as God's children, sinners and yet redeemed.


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