The following posts discuss some general principles of the spiritual life that I think are helpful.

Live well on the mountain (consolation) and in the valley (desolation)

We all pass through times of spiritual consolation and desolation. Both should be opportunities to grow closer to God provided we act appropriately during each time.

Why thoughts matter

Our thoughts affect how we feel and act. As Christians it is important that we "evangelize our thoughts".

(Jesus + us) > (Devil + temptation)

We need to realize that as followers of Jesus, we have an enemy. We need strategies for fighting back.

Overcoming Criticism

Being critical of others is a fault that many of us struggle to overcome. Here are some tips for doing this.

Gratitude's luminous power

Everything we do as Christians is in response to God who has first loved us. Being greatful to God for all His gifts helps us to live with more peace and joy. The Examen, from St. Ignatius of Loyola, is prayer that helps us to live with more gratitude.

How we are held back from following Jesus

The Daily Offering is a helpful way to make sure that we strive to always put Jesus first in our busy lives.

How we Experience the Resurrection

In this Easter homily I try to explain that we experience the Resurrection in our life when God makes our past difficult and painful experiences fruitful for ourselves and others.